Using sustainable wood in your home

Sustainable Wood 

At Green Monkey, we strive to develop in line with our concept of environmentally sustainable products. With a growing focus on sustainability, and engineered hardwood flooring, our key manufacturing partners – Kahrs and Woodpecker – are increasingly using eco-friendly wood species sourced from responsibly managed woodland plantations.

In addition to sourcing sustainable materials, our manufacturers are also working to reduce waste and energy consumption during the production process. This includes everything from utilizing every part of the tree to investing in energy-efficient manufacturing equipment.

We have hundreds of different floors to choose from – everything from wood floors in different types of timber to modern, durable vinyl floors in a variety of appearances.

Wood has many advantages over other manufacturing materials. It is the strongest material in proportion to its weight, it is a renewable resource and it is easy to work with. But our goal is clear – to provide beautiful, innovative and functional floors to meet your needs.