How to Measure a Room for Wood Flooring

Before you place your wood flooring order make sure you know how much you need.

Measuring a room for solid, engineered wood or luxury vinyl floors is a simple job, but it’s important to get it right so you don’t fall short or over order. So, tape measure at the ready!

How to measure a square or rectangular room

  1. Measure the length then the breadth of the room.
  2. Multiply these numbers by one another. This is your square footage. So if your room measures 10m x 10m, it’s 100m².

How to measure a irregular shaped room

  1. Draw a rough sketch of the layout and section the various areas into squares or rectangles where possible.
  2. Measure each section for length and breadth and multiply for the square footage. Then add all the measurements together to find the total size of the room.

Handy hints for measuring up

  • Try to measure in metres, as that’s how your wood floor will be priced.
  • Measure into the skirting and door frames.
  • Don’t forget any alcoves and cupboards if you want wood floor in these too.
  • Factor in a percentage for waste. We recommend adding on 10% for peace of mind when it comes to fitting.

Need advice on how much natural wood floor or luxury vinyl to order? Our expert team is on hand to help.

How To Measure A Room