Keep your wood floor looking its very best with Bona products. Cleaning and maintaining wooden floors is straightforward with the right solutions to hand and we are proud to supply the Bona brand. For everyday cleaning made simple, choose from our range of Bona cleaners, tools and accessories. If you’re looking to renovate your wood floor for a fresh new look, our impressive range of Bona lacquers, oils and wood stains will enhance the look and bring out the character of the wood.  

Looking after the environment is one of our core values at Green Monkey Flooring, which makes Bona the perfect partner. It was one of the first brands to remove toxic and hazardous chemicals from its products, opting instead for water-based alternatives. They’re less harsh on the planet but still as reliable and effective on your floor.

The Bona story

With sustainability and durability at its heart, Bona was founded in the Swedish coastal city of Malmö in 1919. The story really begins with coffee as founder Wilhelm Edner sold lots of it in his small grocery store, along with bonvax which when applied to wood flooring creates a polished, protective finish. Seeing its potential, Edner established Bona AB. 100 years later, Bona is a leading brand in the hardwood floor industry.

While the business remains family owned today, it has a global presence and a focus on environmentally sound products that preserve the life of your wood floor for years to come.

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Green thinking with Bona

At Bona sustainability and caring for the environment drives every product. By sourcing its own raw materials, the company ensures the chemical composition of its products meets the strictest standards. The brand also has a goal; to produce zero waste at any of its facilities.

Bona products themselves have a clear goal too; to make it simple to care for your real wood floor so it lasts for longer without needing to be replaced. One of the first companies to use dust containment systems to remove carcinogenic wood dust from the air during the sanding process, Bona has been using renewable raw materials for the production of its products since 1995. The outcome is a range of strong finishes with high performance that have a very low environmental impact.

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