Based in Sweden, Kährs designs and manufactures innovative, high performance and sustainable wood floors. The range of real wood flooring in the Kährs collection ensures there is something for every home, with an array of colours, finishes, wood type, sizes and patterns to choose from.

Kährs pioneered the multi-layered approach to solid wood flooring, resulting in the durable, hard wearing and versatile engineered floor boards we know and love today.

The Kährs story

It all began over 160 years ago in the Swedish town of Nybro. It was here that Johan Kährs began a lifetime of crafting with wood, starting with utility goods. Through the generations these skills have been fine-tuned and today are used to create some of the world’s finest wood flooring.

It was in 1919 that Johan’s grandson, Gustaf, took over the reins. By this time the company was making wooden doors, toys, furniture and floors. There was a focus on using sustainable materials and to improving the stability of wood.

By 1941 this hard work and determination had paid off, with Kährs being awarded a patent for its engineered hardwood floor, made up of multiple layers for stability and durability and sourced from sustainable raw materials.

Kährs went on to produce its first factory-lacquered floors, before its global expansion began in the 1980s. From here the company continued to innovate, as the first solvent free manufacturer and launching the world’s first parquet floor with a glueless Woodloc® joint.

The rest, as they say, is history. Today, the family’s passion for crafting beautiful wood floors, coupled with its exemplary craftsmanship and focus on quality makes Kährs a leading name for engineered wood and luxury vinyl floors.

Responsibly sourced wood

From that early sustainable thinking at the start of the 20th Century, a new era of environmentally conscious wood flooring began. In 1997, Kährs received ISO 14001 environmental certification.

The company’s forest base means that the raw materials used to make Kährs wood floors grows right next to its Swedish production plant. It’s here that more trees are planted than harvested and the company can ensure sustainability is maximised. The manufacturer was the first to use water-based surface treatments in order to reduce its environmental impact and nothing goes to waste. The bark, sawdust and wood chips are used to heat the homes of the local community.

Its innovative multi-layer approach to parquet, now the standard for most wood floors, uses significantly less mature trees per floorboard. Kährs wood floors are not only a beautiful surface option for your home, they are an environmentally sound investment too.

The same attention to detail and green-thinking goes into production of Kährs vinyl floors, Phthalate-free materials, coupled with environmentally conscious production, make this the smart and green choice for your home and for our planet.

The Kährs brand has grown up to be a symbol of responsible, green production. This gives you peace of mind that the beautiful wood floor in your home has been made with sustainability at its heart, every step of the way.

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